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best headphones under 2000

Let's talk about the Best Headphones under 2000Rs

Are You also Looking the same which I used to find a long back ago, best headphones under 2000Rs ?

If Yes, then today I am the right person who can help you to get your right Headphones.There are hundreds of companies who are claiming they are best , but are they really best?

Let’s talk in Detail about a Few of my handpicked headphones under 2000Rs in this article. I will Only talk about those Headphones which I have Personally tested and got their Actual Feedback.

From frequency range to sound quality, I tried to narrow down my list of headphones by exploring the pros and cons of each individual product.

This article is an in-depth review of all of them, so make sure you give it a read.

What consists of the "Best" in Headphones?

As I can Say You are not that tech freak about Headphones so, you can be easily exploited in this giant industry.

So, what to do now if you are not such a tech geek!

Don’t worry friend, I know the way out.

I will be telling you how to overcome this situation

So, I am telling you few things which you need to look into before buying headphones under 2000Rs.

Here, we will discuss Seven major aspects that you’ll want to take into account while purchasing your next set of headphones under 2000Rs.

  • Sound Quality

    When deciding which headphones to buy, the most important thing you should be considering is sound quality.

  • Comfortability

    What should you consider before purchasing a new pair of headphones? One of the most essential quality, you should consider is comfortability. It's critical to find a pair of headphones that does not hurt your ears and can be worn for long periods.

  • Microphone

    People often don't pay enough attention to microphones, but they are one of the most critical features in a pair of headphones. Headphones with a mic are an extra advantage for headphones lovers. You can take calls while listening to music anywhere without taking your phone out of your pocket.

  • Light Weight

    The weight of a headphone is an important factor. Headphones that are bulky, heavy or clamp tightly on your head can be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. It's very important that headphones have a light and comfortable fit. That way, they'll feel more "right" for you and you'll be less likely to take them off when using them.

  • Bluetooth Technology

    Bluetooth technology is an important factor to consider when buying headphones under 2000 rupees. A bluetooth headphone set will be able to connect with any device that is compatible with bluetooth without the need of any cables. Generally, these headphones are more expensive than wired headphones but they are worth the investment as they are convenient and easy to use.

  • Battery Backup

    Battery backup is an important factor to consider. If headphones have a lower battery life, you will have to recharge them more often. This can be quite inconvenient if the headphones are Bluetooth enabled and have not long lasting backup. Battery backup is also important because it determines how long your headphones will last in case of emergencies.

  • Voice Assistance

    Voice assistance is important because it helps in the selection of music. It also helps in opening some apps without having to hold the phone or switch to another app. Voice assistance also enables hands-free calling, which comes in handy while driving.

Here we go with the list of Best Headphones under 2000Rs

There are many qualities that you might want to think about before buying a pair of best headphones under 2000 Rs.

In my opinion, the best ones for under 2000 will be those with good noise isolation, a long battery life, and that comes with progressive sound.

The headphones listed below are the best available for under 2000. They are good quality, durable and come with a warranty..

Philips Audios Upbeat Tauh201Bk Wired headphones with Mic

It comes with a 1.2m Long cable which is perfect for outdoor use. 

Moreover, it comes with an in-built mic with echo cancellation offering a crystal clear sound quality. The In-line remote of this headphone allows you to easily switch between calls and music.

BoAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone with Mic

These headphones comes with a physical noise isolation feature for great audio that you can focus on your task without getting disturbed by the background sound. 

You can connect these headphones with two modes via Bluetooth V5.0 and AUX cable.

Infinity (JBL) Glide 510 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic

JBL is a well-known brand in the audio world. They produce high-quality audio equipment for home and studio, as well as consumer electronics, these headphones are no exception to their quality standards. 

Infinity JBL Glide 510 are the perfect Headphones for people who want to add some style to their music and stand out from the crowd. 

This is the most sold headphones under 2000 with built-in mic.

Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
with Mic

The Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a 4-star rated, stylish, and comfortable wireless headphones.Moreover, the headphone offers 10 hours of average battery backup for long-lasting usage.

Furthermore,  the super-soft ear-cushion of these headphones is enough to provide you with a comfortable experience.

BoAt Rockerz 450 Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphone with Mic

The boAt Rockerz 450 headphone is a 4-star rated, light-weighted wireless headphones. It comes with 40mm dynamic drivers that provide HD clear sound.

Lastly,  the headphones provide you with controls to customize your music easily, communicate seamlessly, and their adaptive earcups offer portability. You can connect these headphones with an Aux cable or with Bluetooth.

My Final Opinion about the above listed headphones.

Any decision that I make is solely my own and not to be associated with those that may have influenced me. It is an unbiased opinion on the subject. This is purely my own decision and not for influencing others.

The main reason why I would like to go with Infinity JBL Glide 510 wireless bluetooth headphones with Mic is because of its quality at this price.

The headphones are a really good under 2000 and they have a great product for a fair price.

The other point is that they have a lot of customer service feedback and the reviews are amazing.

I think this is the best headphones out of all the ones I have researched and they come with amazing specifications. 

So, as per me this is a very good deal, and the reviews from other buyers have been really good so I’m going to go with it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article And if you are satisfied with my opinion/suggestion about the product I recommended, Then I am giving you a direct Amazon link to the product at below button. 

Note: The above product recommendation is purely based on my personal opinion and it doesn’t create with a purpose to promote any individual products. I am affiliated with Amazon and the use of any images is for only representational purposes.

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